Easin Arafat

Full-stack Web developer

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👨‍💻I am a professional Website Developer. I am flexible with my working hours.
I look forward to hearing from you. 

 ✅Giving my best and client satisfaction is my priority.
I am a perfectionist by nature and strive to make every project as well as I can. I am reliable and I always will find the best approach and solution to resolve your issue and perform your project with high quality.

 Highlights of my skills include: 

 ✅ Develop user-friendly and responsive websites 

✅ Design and develop mobile-first websites. 

✅ Create quality mockups and prototypes 

✅ Translate UI/UX design wireframes to an actual website 

 I always stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional work to all of my clients. I will immediately impact your organization with my unique skills and passion. Your organization will truly be affected in a good way by my work. 

 ✔️ The main areas of my expertise are: 

 ✅HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (ES5, ES6 etc) 

✅React.js ( REDUX, Context API, Hooks ) 

✅Node.js (Express.js, Restful API) 

✅Ant-design, Styled-Component, Bootstrap, MUI, Tailwind CSS 

✅MongoDB ( Mongoose ) 

 ⭐ Front End Development : 


👉CSS ( SASS ) 


👉Material UI 



👉JavaScript ( ES6 ) 

👉React ( REDUX, Context API, Hooks ) 

 ⭐ Back End Development : 

 👉Node.js, Express, MongoDB 

👉Restful APIs 

👉MongoDB with Mongoose 

👉Error Handling 

👉Authentication, Authorization and Security 

👉Other Advanced Features

Let’s work together, just one message away, to take your business to the next level!

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