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Dear sir,

I am Md Mominur Rahman

I am a professional android app developer. My company name is soft tech ltd. our company Soft tech ltd has come a long way through customer love and satisfaction. We have been providing various services by our skilled long time. I have been associated with this Android app development sector for four years. I have been working in this sector with honesty and devotion. I have come a long way in this sector and have been in this sector through many thefts. I have completed many successful projects in my career in this sector. I have multiple apps on play store. Which are currently in a very good ranking position. I work on any type of professional level Android apps. I solve any kind of problem of android apps. 

We also have a YouTube channel. In this YouTube channel, we upload all kinds of videos related to our work and apps. If you want, you can visit our YouTube channel, so that you will have more idea about us. 

Service List:

 >  Make Android app.

> Website to app convert .

> Customize your app.

> Reskin all app.

> Package name (app id).

> App name.

> Sales app Source code.

> Admob, Facebook ads implements.

> Create app bundle, apk, aab file.

> Admob and Facebook audience network full support.

> Play console full support.

# My WhatsApp number:+8801911-604458

YouTube channel:

Website link:

Facebook page:

Apps Summery 

1. Zumbla Deluxe:

2. Soft Scanner:

3. Bubble shooter Game:

4. Mega Calculator:


Soft tech ltd

Contract no: +8801911604458

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +8801911604458

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Md Mominur Rahman
Delivery: 1-3 Days

Zumbla Deluxe Game (Admob + Android Studio)

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Md Mominur Rahman
Delivery: 1-3 Days

Bubble Shooter Game (Admob + Android Studio)

  • Game Development


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Md Mominur Rahman
Delivery: 1-3 Days

Mega Calculator App (Admob + Android Studio) সোর্স কো..

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